HEETS and IQOS welcome you to an extraordinary journey into a totally new experience of tobacco taste and flavor. Satisfying, superior and sensory in every way. With a range of choices encompassing classic tobacco blends, fresh new options for lovers of menthol tobacco and an exciting array of surprising new aromatic flavors, IQOS and HEETS invite you to come and discover Your Perfect Flavor.


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Vape is getting more popular as smoking due to its unique and modern technology. IQOS has made such amazing and healthier devices for vape lovers that give a more rich taste, pleasure, and amazing experience to enjoy the vape. Using IQOS can make you healthier because you will not inhale toxic that a cigarette has and it does not have the smell of tobacco that makes you stink instead IQOS has many fresh, mint, and juicy taste that makes your mouth and brain refresh, and if you want to enjoy the traditional taste of tobacco then do not be worry about this it can give you the exact natural taste of tobacco cigarettes too.

IQOS Dubai brings all the latest models and accessories for you so you can enjoy it anywhere with anyone to whom you like. Now you can easily buy IQOS products from our IQOS UAE store with the best customer experience and also place an online order from anywhere in Dubai. Here are some of the best IQOS products in our store that you can buy online too.

  • Devices IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3 MULTI are the new innovations of IQOS that will give you great taste in your smoking. Choose the color of your choice to make your experience more colorful.
  • IQOS Heets. Do you want any heated tobacco units, it includes natural tobacco and some other unique flavors
  • IQOS Accessories. Here we have the automatic devices and cleaning sticks that will help you in getting the best performance from the IQOS products.

If you want to do the best experience of vape then you can buy IQOS online from our IQOS Dubai Mall at the best prices in town, we are the one who takes care of customer need and pay attention to the user experience by giving them the best services.

Difference in IQOS heets and traditional Cigarettes

The main difference between IQOS heets and traditional cigarettes is that our IQOS heets and products are made of special technology that is its design. It do not produce the vapor or liquid and combustion products. So, by using IQOS cigarette you are not using the regular cigarette or electronic one. By ordering this device you will get the best technology that will enhance your experience of vaping and can quench your thirst.

IQOS Dubai Store the best place to shop IQOS Products 

We are the best IQOS Dubai store from where you can buy all IQOS products at the best prices. We have the latest and extensive product assortment also we offer quick and secure delivery all over the country. You can pay for your orders after receiving it and check the functionality and integrity of your devices personally. Our expert team always takes care in packing and handling the products so you always be satisfied with our quality services.

The IQOS price at our store is very competitive and you can buy IQOS online with the latest smoke-free models of IQOS from our store anytime by just placing the order online. When shopping here you always feel pleasure, become healthier and more environmentally friendly.

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